Legal Careers for The Tech-Savvy Job Seeker

There is a lot that goes into legal support roles today. With new technologies constantly evolving, an informed and tech-savvy person can have infinite job opportunities in the legal field. If you think a legal support job is right for you but aren’t sure where to start, here are some ideas.

Digital Court Reporter

While stenography still has a role in the courtroom, advances in technology also mean a need for digital court reporters. You’ll utilize state-of-the-art audio and video recording software and equipment to capture essential information from cases in this position. The software allows the reporter to create captions and notate speaker changes. A digital court reporter is also an officer of the court who swears in witnesses and maintains exhibits.

Legal Transcriptionist

Once the digital court reporting is complete, it gets sent a legal transcriptionist to create the information document. Transcriptionists process court recordings into verbatim legal transcripts that the lawyers and court then use. You will need to be good at typing and be able to use specialized playback programs to get every word on the page.

Legal Videographer

If you love videography, there is a role in the legal field for you. Legal videographers use specialized recording equipment such as cameras and microphones to record information used at trial. Videographers will record depositions, inspections, medical exams, and proceedings to capture the tone of voice and body language that can be very useful for lawyers presenting cases.


If you love computers and data analytics, then a career in e-discovery may be a good fit. Discovery uses specialized software to comb through data to find important pieces of information that can be used for a case. The most common use of e-discovery is to gather information from emails or texts to present in the court as evidence.

Trial Technician

Behind the scenes of any courtroom is a trial technician whose job is to ensure every aspect of the court case runs smoothly. They organize exhibits, design demonstrations, and run the audio-visual equipment in the courtroom. Much of this work involves using specialized tools and software.

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