Is a Customer Service Role Right for You?

Is a role in customer service right for you? There are so many career pathways that require a background in customer service that people considering a career change are in the perfect position to use transferable skills to get into the industry. For example, service industry workers such as those who have worked in restaurants or bars and retail employees can use their skills and knowledge to provide good customer service. Here are a few things you need to know.

Customer Service Roles

Customer service covers several types of positions. The most common customer support representative works directly with the customer to solve problems or answer questions. This role can include telephone or chat communications. There are also managers and supervisory positions. And Customer service engineers need experience in technology. Bilingual customer service representatives are also in high demand.

Communication Skills

The most critical skill a customer service representative can bring to the table is communication. Effective communication isn’t just the words we use; it’s about active listening, reading emotional and non-verbal cues, and knowing how to respond in a way that can defuse frustrated customers.


Customer service representatives also need to know how to work with technology. Every call center or customer service job requires some level of technical expertise. You will need to be able to access the project management system, phone systems, online chats, and more. Having experience with technology will give you an advantage in your career as a customer service representative.

How to Get Started

Do you want to find a job as a customer service representative? The first step is to create a resume that showcases any skills in demand. It’s a good industry for someone with transferable skills, such as retail or food service, because you learn a lot of customer interaction in those types of positions. Next, apply with a staffing agency specializing in customer service positions.

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