Legal Recruiting Agency Myths Busted

Can you hire top legal talent on your own? Certainly, but it takes time away from the work you need to make your law firm successful. Why spend so much time hiring when you could work with experts in the field and concentrate more of your time running your firm? There are several myths about legal recruitment agencies, so let’s take a closer look.

Top Talent is Looking for Jobs

Top legal talent isn’t always looking for jobs. Indeed, from time to time, a stellar legal employee is on the job market, but the most desirable candidate is likely someone currently working. This is why working with a legal recruiting firm can be to your advantage. Recruiters know how to look for passive candidates and connect them with your opportunity. And if the position is right, they’ll consider a change.

General Recruiting is Easy

Hiring someone is easy. Sure, reviewing resumes and scheduling interviews isn’t rocket science, but it is time-consuming and can affect your productivity in other areas. In many cases, this leads to jobs going unfilled and other people taking up the slack, which can cause burnout and resentment from your staff. Get that role filled quickly with the right person, and it’ll be the best outcome for everyone.

Recruiters are Too Expensive

Yes, recruiters cost money. They make a living being an expert at their job just like you do. When you want expertise, you pay for expertise. But you know what else is expensive? Not having someone in a critical role in your company. It can create a challenging work environment for others, leading to more turnover, and the bigger hole you’re in, the harder it is to climb out. Paying for recruiters will be a worthwhile investment.

Recruiters Don’t Care About Long-Term Relationships

Many people don’t work with recruiters because they feel like this is just someone who comes in, fills a job, and leaves. While that is a recruiter’s job, in a nutshell, they are actually in the business of building relationships. If they work with you, they’re not going to poach your employees to send them elsewhere. They’ll get to know your business to find more talent when you have other open positions. And they can be a resource for HR questions and concerns.

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