The Best Legal Careers in DC Metro Hiring NOW

Are you looking for a legal job in the DC metro area? With the intersection of industry and government, Washington DC is a fantastic place to advance a legal support career. If you are interested in landing your next legal job, let’s look closely at some of the positions available with NRI Legal Staffing in DC.

Intellectual Property Paralegal

Intellectual property is an exciting area of the law. Lawyers specializing in IP and Patent law have specialized education and are one of the few types of attorneys who can practice anywhere in the country. Working as a paralegal in this environment will expose you to many exciting concepts around patents, creative licenses, and more.

Bilingual Spanish Litigation Paralegal

There is always a need for individuals able to speak multiple languages. While we seek bilingual Spanish paralegals for litigation, bilingual or multilingual applications are always encouraged to apply. This brings valuable experience and skills to the table for any law firm or corporation.

Trust and Estates Legal Assistant

Trusts and estates are about preparing for what happens after you’re gone. It’s not just about wills but also about establishing trusts that can protect assets for your loved ones, navigating probate, and ensuring that your wishes are handled appropriately. Supporting a trusts and estates attorney can give you a real sense of accomplishment that you’re helping families.

Legal Research Paralegal

Legal research is the backbone of any practice, regardless of the specialty. While lawyers can do much of the research themselves, they rely on a team of professionals to help them stay focused on the aspects of work only they can perform. Legal research paralegals provide this essential function within the firm.

Is a paralegal or other legal support role right for you? Contact the team at NRI Legal Staffing to see what we’re working on today.


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