Creating a Culture of Learning in Healthcare

Healthcare is an industry that’s constantly growing and changing. Technology, science, and patient care all unite to inform the best approach for any healthcare position. It’s essential to create a culture of learning in the medical workplace to ensure that everyone is up to date on all the most critical information. But how do you develop this culture among your team? Your team can benefit from structure and a variety of education opportunities. Here are a few things you can do to enhance continued learning on the job.

Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning means that your employees lead as both teachers and students. Retention is much higher when they have buy-in for what they are learning and learn together. Your team can share ideas for best practices and trade tips that will engage them more and make learning more accessible and exciting.

Personalized Learning

It’s also important to know that not everyone has the same learning style. Some employees miss critical information when you adhere to only one learning style. Make sure you personalize the program to accommodate many different learning styles, from instructor-led to hands-on training to gamification.

Accessible Training

Training has to be accessible for your team to benefit. If you only provide training during business hours or when employees are unavailable, many of them will miss out on the opportunity. What works for most environments is self-paced programs that can be done online during downtime at the workplace or home.

Track Measurables

When training, it’s vital that you track what’s working and what isn’t. Evaluate the data on what’s being learned, retained, and retaught. What is gaining the most ground in the workplace? What is actively making the work more efficient or productive?

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