Transferrable Skills To Help You Change Careers Into Healthcare

Healthcare is a booming industry. There are nursing shortages across the county and plenty of support roles in hospitals, clinics, and offices that need talent. Are you looking to change careers and go into healthcare? Here are some transferable skills that can help you with that career shift.

Clear Communication Skills

Much of any healthcare position is communication. You must communicate with peers, managers, reports, families, and patients. Talking to people of all levels and across multiple practice areas will help you succeed in a medical environment. It’s also essential to have empathy and compassion when communicating with patients.

Stress Management

Healthcare is a highly stressful job. Medical professionals have a high burnout rate, so you need to be strong to enter this arena. The careers can be rewarding, but they can also be draining both physically and mentally, so you’ll want a good handle on managing stress in your life both at work and home.

Working with a Team

You will be responsible for working with a dedicated team for most of your career in healthcare. You must make decisions collaboratively and understand when to give and follow directions. This is a transferable skill you can get from many environments, including customer service and project management.

Commitment to Learning

When you enter the medical field, you will never stop learning. You may need additional training or education even at an entry level. You’ll need to commit to continued education along the way. Healthcare is constantly evolving, so learning new things can happen every day.

Attention to Detail

Things can’t fall through the cracks when you’re working in healthcare. Every step is imperative, and not only will you need to execute these things, but you’ll also need to document them. Attention to detail is critical, and it can mean life or death in medical environments.

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