How Many Hours Is a Part-Time Job?

Do you think a part-time job is right for you? It’s essential to assess the number of hours and compare full and part-time jobs to determine what’s right for you. Here is how to define a part-time job and the benefits of both full and part-time work in your career.

Part-Time Defined

The most basic definition of a part-time job is any job that works fewer than full-time hours. The IRS defines part-time jobs as anything up to 30 hours a week. However, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics uses 35 hours for statistical purposes. People who work part-time don’t generally qualify for benefits.

Benefits of Part-Time Work

For some people, part-time work is ideal. Maybe you want more flexibility in your schedule. Or perhaps you work another full-time job, so an additional part-time job in off-hours offers you the ability to earn extra money. Some people also like to work temporarily, which can often be part-time if you work only one or two days per week.

Benefits of Full-Time Work

The primary benefit of full-time work is the ability to get benefits. You will likely have paid time off as well as employer-provided healthcare. For some people, full-time work is related to business hours, and they like to have that nine-to-five schedule and routine for each day.

Finding Part-Time Jobs in D.C.

You have the opportunity to decide what kind of work arrangement is right for you. If you’re considering getting a part-time job, start by applying with a staffing agency. They can help with short-term or part-time opportunities to help you fill in gaps or enjoy a more flexible schedule.

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