Online Tools for Paralegals

Paralegals are the backbone of successful law firms. They handle pretty much anything a lawyer can do except for representing clients. That means a paralegal career is challenging, busy, and stressful. But there are tools you can use to streamline your job. Here are a few online tools that can help you stay productive and make your job easier.


Confidentiality is vital for legal clients. And the only app to provide end-to-end encryption of communication is WhatsApp. Only the participants can see the messages, which makes it extremely useful for legal communication.


Much of your role as a paralegal will be researching. One of the best tools on the market today is Fastcase. It allows for the easy search of federal and state constitutions, case law, codes, and statutes. Each of these will be necessary for varying degrees as you prepare information for the attorneys on staff.


Depositions are critical, but they’re time-consuming and have historically been done by hand on paper, but this can create a bottleneck. eDepoze takes advantage of technology to streamline the process and make it easier to conduct and manage the deposition after the fact.


Managing process serving can take up a lot of time for paralegals. Typically, once you hire a process server, you’re locked out of the experience until you receive the affidavit. The Proof platform gives you access to process services and allows you to track the process.


Project and task management is a significant part of the paralegal experience, so having a way to keep track is paramount. Trello is a simple management tool that is easy to use, provides visual reminders, and can be collaborative when needed.


Another aspect of a paralegal’s role is writing. It’s okay to rely on AI-assisted tools to make it easier. Grammarly can reduce your editing time by reviewing the document for you and letting you make changes fast and easily. You can use the program on their website or download extensions that can be used online and in your word processing program, like MS Word.

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