Should You Consider Gig Work?

The gig economy has been a big topic of discussion for many years. With the rise of jobs like Uber, DoorDash, and many others in this category, more people will consider a gig job as their full-time or side hustle. What exactly is and can it work for you?

What is Gig Work?

Gig work is considered anything outside of a traditional employment arrangement. This can be a contract, freelance, or temporary employment. In many cases, gig workers will receive a 1099 at tax time and be responsible for employment taxes. However, if you’re working as a temporary employee for an employment agency, you will still receive a W9, and the staffing agency will be your employer.

What Can You Earn as a Gig Worker?

The truth is, Gig work has a massive range of earning potential. Some are low-paying jobs, while others can make quite a bit, even when paying employment taxes. For many people, the best solution is to work with a staffing agency and take on temporary opportunities. Talk to a recruiter to find out what’s available in your area.

Are Gig Workers Happy?

Happiness will largely depend on who you ask and their specific circumstances. For example, some tech companies that facilitate gig work, such as Uber, don’t offer stability or financial security, which can create long-term stress. Since the driver isn’t an employee, they don’t have the same employment protections.

What is the Alternative to Gig Work?

But to still work short-term, some alternatives can give you peace of mind. Temporary work is an excellent opportunity for many people who want flexibility. Temporary work with a staffing agency can take on a lot of forms, from filling in for employees on leave to taking on short-term projects with companies that need additional help.

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