How Can a Remote Receptionist Help Your Law Firm?

There is so much we can do virtually now. Even law firms are considering the benefits of remote client meetings and other ways to streamline the industry. So what about having a remote receptionist for your firm? Is there a benefit to hiring someone who can be the company’s first point of contact but still work outside of your office? Here are some of the ways a virtual receptionist can benefit your practice.

Convert More Leads

Your receptionist is the first person anyone will talk to within your firm. While they have to be careful not to perform specific legal duties, such as discussing payments with potential clients, they can discuss the basics of the process and convert more leads to the next step.

Schedule Meetings

Your time is valuable, so having someone dedicated to maintaining and creating your schedule is essential. When you have someone who will handle this process, you’re less likely to double-book yourself. You can rest easier knowing that someone with the right skills manages your calendar.

Reduce Costs

Significant money drains are wasted time or things falling through the cracks. With a remote receptionist, you can reduce the costs of missing out on opportunities, losing momentum on action items, and ensuring things don’t slip away. Unlike an in-office employee, a remote receptionist will also cost less in terms of overhead.

Increase Professional Image

A single point of contact, even for a virtual office, gives your firm the professional image you want to convey to potential clients. For a fraction of what it would cost to have someone in your office, a remote receptionist can handle phones and administrative functions to provide legitimacy to your firm.

Improve Your Online Presence

Virtual companies exist almost entirely in online space these days. When you have administrative support helping your firm run, they can increase your online traffic, provide content and social media support, and become the best advertising your company could have.

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