Administrative Clerk Duties and Responsibilities

There are so many potential titles and categories for administrative support roles. What is an office clerk or administrative clerk? Is this a good career path for you if you want to work within an office? Here are the essential duties of an office clerk and what you need to do to find your next job opportunity.

Customer Service

A big part of almost any job is customer service. You’ll be responsible for ensuring that anyone reaching out to the company for more information is satisfied with the outcome. Good communication skills are paramount.


Administrative clerks will also be responsible for the phones. This could be a part of customer service, but it’s also a part of a positive company culture and relations. You need excellent phone skills, including etiquette and a positive attitude.


There are also instances where you will be required to communicate with vendors. Vendors are the other companies that do business with your companies, such as ordering office supplies or handling your outsourced IT processes.


You will also need to maintain the established inventory. Some office clerks are responsible for the office inventory, such as ensuring that you have enough printer paper or pens for your staff. Others may oversee the product inventory to scan and maintain the correct numbers.


You must maintain the proper records throughout your career as an office clerk. Accounting clerks, for instance, will keep track of things like payables and receivables. Administrative clerks may keep track of communications or schedules.

Skills and Qualifications

What skills and qualifications do you need to become a clerk? You will need to have a high school diploma or equivalent, previous office experience, excellent time management and communication skills, ability to use technology such as Microsoft Office, including word processing and spreadsheets. You will also need good attention to detail.


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