Can Your Healthcare Resume Get Past the Robots?

Can your resume get past the robots? So, there aren’t Star Wars-style Androids reading your resume and making the decisions, but more companies are relying on artificial intelligence-assisted applicant tracking systems to process incoming resumes. You want to optimize your resume so the ATS sees you, and you make it past the first cut. Here’s what you should know.

What is an ATS?

ATS stands for applicant tracking system. It’s a system employers use to track incoming applications and the entire recruiting funnel, from reviewing the initial resume to setting up interviews and processing new hires once an offer is made. This also means companies maintain records of applications and resumes that they can turn to when they have a hiring need. An ATS can also be AI-assisted, which means it can help with the reviewing process and let the employers know which resumes best match their job opening, which reduces the administrative time hiring managers spend on the process.

The Importance of an Optimized Resume

For these reasons, your healthcare resume must be optimized for the ATS. The ATS will use keywords to match your resume to the job description, so if you haven’t created a resume that fits, you won’t advance to the next process. You also need to ensure the format is readable for those reviewing the resume and the AI.

Keywords to Include

You need to include keywords, but they still have to make sense. When reviewing your skills, ensure that you include these naturally. Some keywords you may want to include are:

  • Nursing
  • Patient Safety
  • Basic Life Support
  • CPR
  • Compliance
  • Medical Records

The best tip is to review the job description and add the top keywords to the matching experience in your resume.

Tips for Improving Your Healthcare Resume

Along with keywords and skills on your resume, the best tip is to format your document to be easily scanned by AI and read by humans. Don’t use huge blocks of text, such as paragraphs. Separate things out in bullet points. Include a summary of your skills. And make sure to include accomplishments with data and numbers to support your experience.

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