Opportunities to Grow as a Paralegal

For seasoned paralegals and those just looking for their first paralegal job, what opportunities are out there for growing your career? Doors can be opened in multiple specializations, but it’s up to you to find the paths that lead to them. Here is what you can do to improve your skills and advance your career.  

Ways to Develop Professionally as a Paralegal

Focus on Learning New Skills 

The legal field is constantly changing. It will always be helpful in your paralegal career to learn new things as often as possible. Not only will that help you in your current role, but it will assist you when you do have to make a career change.  

Study to Expand Your Knowledge 

While you may not want to attend law school and get your Juris Doctor, you can learn as much about the law as possible to help you in your role. If you want to focus on one specific practice area, read books on the statutes and cases in that arena. Study other aspects of the industry as well to help you stay current.  

Ask for Merit Raises 

One thing many people find challenging throughout their careers is asking for a raise when they deserve it. This is especially true for women in professional roles, as culture has conditioned women differently about their worth. But talking to your boss about additional compensation is okay when you do a good job. Keep track of your accomplishments and make your case when it’s time for a review or after a big project where you’ve done an incredible job.  

Network in the Legal Industry 

Whether you’re currently employed or looking for your next opportunity, you should always be connecting with others in the industry. Work on fleshing out your LinkedIn profile. Join paralegal associations and attend events. You never know when or where you will meet the person with the keys to your next opportunity.  

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