Top Skills to Look for in Today’s Administrative Assistants

Administrative assistants are often the backbone of any organization. Their skills and abilities help organizations run smoothly and effectively. So what skills should employers look for when searching for their next admin support professional? Here are the hard and soft skills you should recruit for when hiring high-caliber administrative assistants.  

What to Look for in Today’s Administrative Assistants

Written and Verbal Communication Skills 

Administrative support professionals are often the first line of communication for any department or executive. You want to know that the admin you’ve hired is qualified and competent at all forms of communication, including formal and informal writing and verbal communication over the phone or in person.  

Organizational Skills 

Similarly, administrative skills also require the ability to stay organized so items don’t fall through the cracks. You want to hire someone who can demonstrate that they can keep things on track and organized. When interviewing, ask how they manage their workspace and keep things easy to find.   

Time Management 

Organization isn’t just for physical workspace; an administrative assistant also needs to be able to organize time. They must have good time management skills to ensure things are accomplished in the required time frame. They may also need to keep the calendar for the department or executive they’re working with.   


Technology affects every industry today. The kinds of technology your administrative assistant should have will largely depend on your specific needs, but there are some standard requirements. For example, your admin support professional should know MS Office or the equivalent for conducting day-to-day business. They may also need to understand how to use a project management system and communication tool.  

Attention to Detail 

Your admin should also have extreme attention to detail. You may be able to see some of this in their application material. They may not be a good fit for you if they’re prone to typos or other easy-to-catch mistakes. You want someone who will check their work, ensure everything is correct, and not have to be handheld much along the way.  

Innovation and Problem-Solving Skills 

Your administrative support professional also needs to bring creativity and innovation to the table. Problems aren’t always monoliths with just one solution. Having someone who can see a challenge from all sides and consider the best approach will help your organization thrive.  

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