Asking for References from Former Healthcare Employers

References are a crucial factor in landing your next healthcare job. But how do you approach your former managers or coworkers to ask them for their help? When asking for references, it’s essential to approach the request professionally and respectfully. Be honest about what you’re looking for and how they can help you. Here are some things to keep in mind.

How to Properly Ask for References

Be Polite and Respectful

Always address your former employer with courtesy and professionalism. You are likely to only ask for references from people with whom you’ve had positive relationships, but that doesn’t mean you can be overly casual or familiar with your request. Keep it professional.

Express Gratitude

Acknowledge the value of the experience you gained while working under their guidance when asking for their assistance. Be sure to thank them for helping you in your past healthcare career and what it would mean for you to get their stamp of approval in your job search. Always express your appreciation.

State Your Purpose

Today’s employers are looking for specific information when they contact a reference. It can be helpful for you to communicate your intention with your former managers or coworkers. Clearly explain why you’re requesting the reference and the role you’re pursuing, which can help them tailor their message to the job.

Highlight Your Relationship

Mention the specific role and period during which you worked together. Of course, it would be great if everyone remembered everything, but sometimes that’s unrealistic. It can be helpful for you to prompt their memory and kickstart the conversation.

Give Options

Allow your former employer to choose the method of providing the reference. They can state their preference if they prefer direct contact via phone or email. This is also your chance to ensure you have the correct and preferred contact details.

Provide Your Contact Information

Don’t leave any loose ends untied. Ensure your contact information is readily available if they have questions or need further communication. Plus, you never know when a reference could become a networking opportunity.

Always give your former employers the option to decline if they are uncomfortable providing a reference. Showing appreciation for their time and consideration goes a long way in maintaining positive professional relationships.

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