Is Your Resume Ready for 2016?

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As we stare 2016 right in the face, there is no better time to update your resume to make it ready for your job search in the New Year. Your resume is often the one document that stands between you and an interview. So what can you do to make sure your resume is picture…

Should Nurse Practitioners Have Full-Practice Authority?

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The healthcare field has changed dramatically during the last few decades. What was once an industry hierarchy from doctors to nurses is now more blended. Nurse practitioners, medical assistants, and DOs have a hand in giving patients well-rounded care in today’s medical system. There have been some questions raised lately about giving nurse practitioners full-practice authority….

How Can Lawyers Learn from Paul Ryan and the Work/Life Balance Debate?

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Earlier this year, as the Speaker of the House position remained vacant, Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan finally raised his hand. However, he made his acceptance of the role conditional. He refused to give up time with his family. While the debate about work/life balance has been raging for some time, the high-profile declaration has ignited…