Is Your Resume Ready for 2016?

As we stare 2016 right in the face, there is no better time to update your resume to make it ready for your job search in the New Year. Your resume is often the one document that stands between you and an interview. So what can you do to make sure your resume is picture perfect and ready to send to potential employees? Before you apply for jobs in 2016, here are some things you can do to make sure that your resume will attract the right employees and land you a job offer.

Avoid meaningless buzzwords.

Far too many job seekers and resume writers fall into the easy traps of including too many buzzwords on their resumes. Phrases like “team player” and “people person” sound descriptive, but ultimately they don’t demonstrate anything. When you are tempted to use a buzzword, consider other ways you can say what you mean. Use real examples like, “Trusted member of a 15-person staff where I received accolades for working well with others.” Then, you can explain those accolades to provide even more context.

Highlight your accomplishments.

Another big issue with resumes is that they read like grocery lists. Painstakingly listing out all of your day-to-day duties will not attract the attention of a hiring manager or recruiter. You want to demonstrate why they should contact you. Share your accomplishments along the way. Don’t worry that you’re bragging, this is the one place and time that you should be descriptive of what you’ve truly done in your jobs.

Use data to back you up.

To this end, be sure to use real numbers and data to back up the things you claim about your experience. Resume reviewers like to see real examples, including dollar amounts or time management. Make sure you are as accurate as possible because references will quickly prove you right or wrong.

Proofread, again.

Of course, never send a resume to a potential employer without reading it over for simple mistakes. These mistakes demonstrate a lack of attention to detail so they can be the kiss of death for a job search. Read it over forward and backward. Have a friend or family member review it as well. You can never proofread a resume too many times. Find a way to print the document and proofread the actual paper copy. You will be surprised at your ability to proofread a printed document compared to an electronic version.

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