Technology Is Changing Client Onboarding in Accounting

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Many people have thought for years that accounting isn’t the industry that will benefit most from shifting technology. But, even though the change is subtle, it’s already happening. And new trends in technology will soon reach a tipping point for the industry. With cloud technology picking up steam, it can also have major consequences, both…

4 Ways to Advance Your Accounting Education

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Do you want to enhance your accounting experience through education? Before you start, it’s worth the exercise to look at all the potential options that can help you gain new experience and insight. There are solutions for continuing education at all price points, so don’t think there are only a few choices for your career….

Being Happy in Your Healthcare Job Requires Engagement

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Job dissatisfaction can be a big issue for many healthcare professionals. If you find yourself questioning your choices, unhappy in your job, and ready to call it quits, what can you do about that? The truth is you and your employer have equal responsibility to ensuring your overall job satisfaction. So what can you do…

5 Books for an Introverted Accountant

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If you’re introverted, you’ve probably spent a lot of your time retreating into the world of books. But this same escape can provide you with tools to be more confident in your accounting career. Books that help introverts thrive in business communities will give you an additional push to get you past hurdles in your…

Healthcare Facilities Must Consider Telemedicine

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Have you been considering telemedicine at your facility? In short, telemedicine offers medical advice from board-certified physicians direct to patients using today’s modern communication technology. For example, a facility might use chat, email, Skype, or other online services to effectively connect with patients who are either unable to come into the office or who may…

Why Your Nursing Shoe Choice Can’t Be Taken Lightly

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A study conducted over a decade ago showed that nurses were walking an average of 4 to 5 miles during a 12-hour shift. In fact, the number is probably significantly higher and many nurses now wear a Fitbit just to track the amount of walking they do. Walking and standing is a huge part of…

Public vs. Private Accounting – Are You Ready for a Shift?

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While the basic background may be the same, there is a huge difference between a career in public accounting and private accounting. If you’ve been committed to one path or the other so far in your career, are you thinking about making the switch? What do you need to know about the other career path…

What Front-Page Strategy Helps Your Nursing Resume?

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You only get one shot at a first impression, and often your resume has to do all the work for you. No matter where you look, you’ll find tons of advice on writing a resumes, often contradictory information. But there’s one thing you should always keep in mind. Your first page, especially the top half,…