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A previously excellent employee is starting to falter. Their performance has become sub-par and they are no longer engaged in the company culture. These are telltale signs of an unhappy or upset employee. Now is the time, before the employee quits or before you feel it’s necessary to let them go, to solve the problem. Here are some ideas to make an unhappy employee more satisfied and the entire team engaged.

  1. Try “Stay Interviews”. An exit interview is too little, too late. By the time someone is gone you may learn some interesting information but you are now left with the need to fill that position and handle any work missed with the employee’s departure. Try interviewing your current employees, perhaps once a year, to get a gage on how they feel about the job, the management, and the company over all.
  2. Respect and recognition. Most unhappy employees believe that they are only acknowledged when something goes wrong but their good work goes unnoticed. Make a practice out of rewarding and recognizing the good work that an employee does. This will go a long way toward allowing an otherwise good employee to feel good about the company and their job.
  3. Ask for feedback. As much as you need to recognize employees for their good work, you need to be aware of any flaws or mistakes you’ve made as a manager or company owner. Allow your employees to come to you with concerns and really listen to them. Then take that information and make improvements that will help keep the entire team happier.
  4. Allow for flexibility. A 9 hour work day, with a break for lunch, is normal for most offices. Other industries work even longer with overtime and shift issues. Employees spend more time with their co-workers at the office than they do with their families in their own homes. Consider allowing flexible work schedules or work from home options.

Do you need some ideas to keep your workforce happy on the job? The professional staff of NRI is here to partner with you.


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