Managing Your Office Data Entry

Data entry is essential to a successful business but can often fall through the cracks. How can you manage your data entry process to make sure everything is taken care of effectively and efficiently? Here are some professional tips for managing your data entry processes.

  1. Create batches and control sheets. If you are staring down a mountain of papers that need to be entered into your database organize the information into batches before you even start the project. Create a control sheet to record the batch number, the date it was entered, signature or initials of the individual doing the work, the total number of records in each batch, and the first and last record number.  Attach the control sheet to the originals and file them away. This will give you information if the worst case scenario happens and something needs to be reentered.
  2. Training. Each time a new person begins the data entry they need to be instructed on the best practices for your own data entry process. When you sit a person down at the desk and simply tell them to begin you open yourself and your information up to mistakes that would have been simple to correct. Establish a protocol for the data entry which you can keep in an instruction sheet or manual so everyone does the data entry the same way.
  3. Proofreading. Simple errors occur when the data entry operator doesn’t review their own work. Occasionally it is easy to let an error slip by when you’re reviewing your own work. It is a good idea to have a quality control manager in place to review the completed work to check for any errors and advice on corrections that need to be made.
  4. Temporary help. If you find yourself with an overwhelming amount of data entry and not enough individuals to complete it in a timely way, contact your local staffing company to provide professional assistance to enter the information. Be sure to provide them the direction you need and the project can be completed without losing important production time in your business.

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