Leveraging Big Data for Business

With the economy in flux and technology improving every day many companies are trying to find ways to minimize the daily paperwork and maximize money making opportunities. This often leaves recruiting and employee relations behind. However, avoiding employee management doesn’t solve the problem and often increases employment costs as managers scramble to replace an employee who has quit. Replacing the human element with science is one of the ways companies are handling this problem, but there may be a middle ground. Here are a few ways you can use big data and analytics to improve your business.

  1. Company provided devices. Kronos, one of the largest workforce management companies, has just released their own tablet device. They believe that these company owned devices will enhance performance and profitability. 81% of employees use their own mobile devices for their jobs. By using the Kronos you can track the employee analytics. This can help both you and the employee balance the job with other responsibilities more efficiently.
  2. Less time spent on reports. The biggest problem with traditional management is the time it takes to prepare reports and the amount of paperwork that can easily overwhelm a single desk. A company provided device like the one by Kronos will collect all of the data and automatically provide the necessary reports. Having this kind of accessibility to the information will free management up to handle other responsibilities.
  3. Reduce workplace stress. Stress on the job is the leading factor in employee unhappiness and it isn’t only limited to the workplace. This level of stress can cause unhappiness at home, possibly leading to divorce, as well as health risks like heart attacks. Employees who feel more engaged with their jobs and have a good working relationship with their supervisors are less likely to feel this kind of stress on a daily basis. Creating a more efficient workday through technology can help increase the connectedness with the office.

Can this type of technology help your office?  Talk to the professionals at NRI to better understand how you can improve your employees’ experience.

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