Qualities of Top Nurse Administrators

When making any hiring decision, especially in a market where so many qualified candidates are available, it is important to recognize the very best talent. What are some of the traits to look for when searching for a highly effective nurse administrator? Here are ten qualities that the most successful administrators share.

  1. Practical and realistic. This person should be able to acknowledge their own limits as well as that of their team. This doesn’t mean they accept defeat but they also know how to work with their own tools and be able to stretch as necessary.
  2. Excellent time management skills. Without being able to effectively manage their time and the schedules of their staff, a nursing department can easily collapse into chaos. The right candidate will be able to schedule realistically and successfully.
  3. An expert in business. Management skills come with time and experience. Your administrator should possess expert business skills learned over their career. This include financial planning for the department and the ability to stay on track.
  4. Exceptional resource management. Proper resource organization skills with not only help with the specific department but the entire facility. A good nurse administrator will keep the entire medical office running smoothly.
  5. Relationship builder. A successful nurse administrator not only interacts with their team but also management and patients. They must excel at putting people at ease and developing relationships.
  6. Great listener. One way to effectively manage people and work with patients is to be a great listener. People need to know they have been heard and they don’t feel that way when someone is talking to them. A good administrator will stand back and listen to what is being said.
  7. Strategic thinker. The right leader of the department must be able to think ahead and make plans that will move the facility forward. Not every leader has this quality so be on the look out for the stars that do.
  8. Team developer. The best nurse administrator must be able to work with their staff and develop them as employees. They see talents, correct mistakes effectively, and reward for excellent work.
  9. Policy enforcer. It is important that the nurse administrator live up to the reputation and requirements of your facility. While a maverick breaking the rules is high drama for television shows, it doesn’t always work in a real life medical facility.
  10. Outstanding nursing skills. Above everything else, a successful nurse administrator must demonstrate exceptional nursing skills. They need to go beyond their own role and see the bigger picture and know they are there to enhance the nursing program.

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