The Importance of a Personal Brand for Employer and Job Seeker Alike

Personal Brand development is as important for job seekers as it is for employers in today’s information age. Companies are looking at a candidate’s ability to build social networks online as much as they are looking for other skills. Klout scores, for instance, are becoming a requirement for applications at some companies like SalesForce. It is important for a candidate to be considered an influencer in their field. So what should companies look for when it comes to online relationship building? Here are some key ideas that will help you understand your applicants’ social networking intelligence.

  1. The perfected elevator pitch. When meeting a candidate for the first time, ask them to tell you a little about themselves in 30 seconds. If they are conscious about their personal branding, they should have a well-rehearsed elevator pitch that can help them communicate their mission to you quickly and effectively. Don’t just listen to the words; consider their body language as well. There is a lot that can tell you how confident and comfortable an applicant is offline.
  2. The best use of a network. It isn’t enough to simply build a large following on your Facebook page or connect with the most people on LinkedIn. It is more important to know what to do with these followers. Look at how a candidate engages with their connections. Are they pointing people to their personal blog? What kinds of information are they providing regularly? Are they inviting people to participate in conversation?
  3. Enhancement of an online brand. Creating an online profile and website is just the beginning of using the internet to develop a personal brand. Someone who does this well will consistently enhance their site and their message to reach more people all the time. Read their blog and determine if they are a thought leader in their industry. Are they expressing their leadership or are they racing to become the most popular?
  4. Company branding. Beyond the candidate branding, a business needs to ensure that their public profile is engaging and informative. Developing a positive social networking profile, engaging with the audience, and being a thought leader in your industry is equally as important for a business. These kinds of online interactions are what bring qualified candidates to your job postings.

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