Accounting Career Options – Which Path Will You Take?

Have you been pursuing a degree in accounting or your CPA? If you’re looking at the potential future for your accounting career it may be good to assess the different paths you might be able to take. Here are the basic Accounting career options and potential businesses available to you.

  • Auditor. This is a great career path for someone who likes to check facts and figures. It is also great for those who love technology as the process is becoming more computerized. Auditors may travel extensively to review files for clients around the country.
  • Budget analyst. This role helps develop and manage the financial plans of a corporation or small business. This type of position is great for those who love to interact with people since communication and interpersonal skills are an important part of the job.
  • Financial accountant. If you have a strong understanding of accounting and finance this role may be perfect. This involves the preparation of financial statements based on general ledgers and other company information. Work in this position is varied and can be anything from working with spreadsheets to meeting with new customers.
  • Management accountant. This accounting role is responsible for cost analysis, participation in expense control measures, and analysis of the structure of the corporation. Management accountants often work in conjunction with marketing and finance to develop new business for the organization.
  • Tax accountant. If you have an interest in tax accounting you may choose to become a personal or corporate tax accountant. This role needs an in depth understanding of the tax code and economics and is very different from some of the other accounting branches. Often firms are looking for individuals with a background in law as well.
  • Public accountant. You may also work with a public accounting firm to offer your services through their agency to individuals and corporations. Working with a public accounting firm, especially with one of the big six, can lead to eventually promotions or new role in private companies.

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