Increase Healthcare Employee Satisfaction

Is your healthcare staff engaged and motivated? As a manager it is up to you to create an environment where employee satisfaction is a priority. Job dissatisfaction is one of the leading causes of stress which can impact not only performance but personal wellbeing. If you can improve your employees’ job satisfaction you can create a better work/life balance for your team. Here are some things to look at for your facility and how you can focus on your employees’ overall happiness and increase their effectiveness.

  1. Focus on their strengths. Each of your employees has a different skill set and different mindset. If you treat everyone as a carbon copy you will not see 100% effort out of anyone. Instead, use strength-based coaching. Work with each staff member to determine what they can work on and how, using their own strengths, they can improve. Be sure to provide positive reinforcement so they can see how they have progressed. Make sure they stay focused and positive in the process and if you see them slipping into negativity reassess the situation, determine the reason, and refocus.
  2. Use organizational goals as a benchmark. As important as it is to focus on individual learning styles it is also essential to recognize the overarching goals of the facility. Make sure that your instructions and your employees’ actions reflect on your core values and the image you want your organization to portray. When employees feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves they will often go the extra mile to be excellent representatives.
  3. Provide recognition for their achievements. Everyone likes to feel appreciated so be sure to acknowledge when someone does an excellent job. Rewards don’t have to be elaborate and many employees feel that boost of energy just being recognized. Create an employee recognition program that can promote your brand and encourage employee engagement and satisfaction.

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