Efficiency Trends in Legal Employment

In today’s competitive marketplace, every industry is looking for ways to make their day to day work more efficient. There are technologies that can certainly help an office function better, but there may also be some processes which can be changed to improve productivity. Here are four things that are trending in legal offices today which help improve office effectiveness.

  • In-house legal work. For a long time many industries were outsourcing their work to reduce expenses, including legal services. However, most companies have realized that this reduction of cost did not help improve their company’s efficiency or the quality of the work produced. Many organizations are bringing this work back in house. Law firms are relocating some of these outsource services back in house.
  • Invest in legal operations. Some firms are deciding to invest in operations staff to ensure that all non-legal aspects of their business are handled by professionals. This will be an initial investment to hire the additional staff but long term it will provide a more smoothly functional office environment. Operations management can help streamline the administrative and financial aspects of the law firm’s business.
  • Invest in legal tech. Technology is one of the best resources for office efficiency across the board. Some industries are implementing workforce management programs or systems that handle all the essential functions of an office. One of the current trends for technology in legal offices is to handle client billing. Having a technology that generates the accounts payables will relieve the duties from the office administration that can then focus on other aspects of their job.
  • Unbundled legal services. Also known as “limited scope representation” and “discrete task representation,” this method allows the lawyers and clients to enter an agreement to provide a specific and very limited service in order to save the client money. The client is responsible for all aspects that are not performed by the lawyer under their agreement. Offering these additional services can supplement the rest of the business.

Are you considering implementing changing in your law firm that can help you grow your business? If you are looking for legal recruiters in Virginia, contact us today.

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