3 Keys to Administrative Onboarding

Your administrative staff is the glue that holds your company together. It is important to have good onboarding procedures to make their first 90s successful. If you’re considering revamping your training and onboarding process to better reflect your company’s values and engage your new employees, we have some tips. Here are 3 keys to onboarding your administrative staff effectively.

  1. Stay in constant communication and provide regular feedback. Your new employee needs to feel comfortable communicating with their manager and their team. Create an environment where it is encouraged to ask questions throughout the process. You will also want to provide immediate feedback rather than waiting for the 90 day review. Make constructive corrections along the way as needed. Also be sure to provide positive reinforcement. Recognition for work well done goes a long way to motivate and encourage employees on the job.
  2. Set clear goals and expectations. Managing your own expectations is as important as managing those of your new employee. Get to know their learning style and adapt the training to suit them. Don’t simply assume that they will learn the information the same way you teach it. You will begin to understand how they tick as an employee and how the retain knowledge. You will also see what motivates them which will be essential as they progress in the company. Establish goals for their training period and be clear about your expectations. This will keep both of you on track throughout the process.
  3. Assign a mentor to teach the new employee. The best resource for your training and onboarding program is your established team. Chose a trustworthy, long term employee to lead the training process. Have them share insights not only about how to perform the job efficiently and effectively but also about the company culture and environment. This mentor can be available to answer questions about the job and the company policies. Encourage them to create a social aspect to their mentoring style by taking the new employee to lunch and learn about their personality.

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