How To Successfull Retain Nurses

Employee satisfaction is a hot issue among human resources and management professionals. If you find yourself concerned about losing well trained and skilled nurses to other jobs or even retirement, you owe it to your organization to look into ways to successfully retain your staff. Her are four things you can implement in your facility today that can help keep good nurses on the job.

  • Redesign processes and use new technology to engage staff. Are your employees satisfied with the way your office conducts their day to day duties? Just because it is the way “it” has always been done doesn’t mean “it” is done right. New technology can open the doors for more efficient ways for your nurses to do their work. A process that took a day may take only minutes with the right software of mobile app in place.
  • Address generational needs. Our modern workplace is unique because of the number of generations working together. Baby boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y all have very different expectations and needs when it comes to their working environment. Baby boomers might be looking toward retirement while Gen Y needs a good work/life balance and collaborative projects.
  • Attract new employees. Regardless of how well you plan some nurses will need to leave your facility. It may be due to relocation, retirement, or other unforeseen situations. It is important that you are constantly attracting qualified and skilled nurses to take their place. Focus on social media to build a positive brand image.
  • Focus on training and onboarding. Many new employees will leave before the first 90 days on a new job. Poor training and orientation is cited as the reason. Take a look at your current training programs as well as how you onboard your nursing staff. Not only should you train them in processes and procedures but also in your company culture. One great method is to create a mentorship program where a senior level nurse works with a new employee to show them not only the job but also their way around the facility.

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