Accounting Salaries in DC: Where Do You Stand?

Do you know where you stand in regards to a competitive salary in 2014. Conducting research into the best pay ranges based on the circumstances is a pillar of the job search. Here in the Washington D.C. area there are a variety of factors that can play into accounting salaries. Before you accept any offer, it is important that you conduct your own research. Look at websites such as to determine the right ranges for your area and level of accounting experience. To give you a heads up on salary negotiations, let’s look at some of the trends in accounting for the coming year.

  • Pay attention to the size of the organization. Larger firms can pay a higher salary even to entry level candidates. Smaller companies will not have that luxury. Starting salaries for accounting professionals can go as high as $70,000 at a larger firm or stay around $40,000 for smaller businesses. The average is $55,000.
  • Look at the growth rate for your career path. If you are looking beyond an entry level position, it is important to understand the specific growth rate for salaries for your level. Senior staff accountants’ annual average is $70,000, once again depending on the size of the firm. Management level employees make closer to $85,000 with some larger organizations paying up to $140,000. An accounting partner can expect a salary range close to $150,000 with the biggest of the accounting firms paying around $200,000.
  • Other trends to take into account when negotiating your salary. Geographic location will play into your search for accounting jobs and the salaries that you can expect. Firms in larger cities or metropolitan areas, such as D.C., often pay more than other areas of the country. Growth often happens faster in these areas as well. If you are looking at a government job you can expect that the salary range will be slightly less than a public sector job with the same duties.

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