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Are you ready to bring a temporary employee onboard for a short-term project or to fill in for someone out of the office? You might think you have everything under control but there are things that can make your new temporary team member’s experience even easier. Here are a few items to make sure you always have in your temp employee onboarding kit.

  1. An established workspace and tools. There have been many times where a temporary employee shows up at their assignment and has to wait for equipment or a workspace to be set up. This can impact their impression of the company and their overall performance. When you schedule a temporary employee make sure that you have access to the computers and the space that you need. Get these set up before they arrive on their first day.
  2. An onsite mentor to show them around. Often, a challenge to a successful temporary assignment is the feeling of being isolated. Your current team may feel threatened by having this additional person arrive in their department. Assure everyone you work with that the temporary employee is there to help get things done not to take over anyone’s current role. Choose a trusted employee to be the temp’s mentor. They can show them around the office and be a resource for questions.
  3. Access to information about the company. Even though a temporary employee is not expected to be at your company for an extended period of time you still want them to feel invested in your business while they’re there. Share your company culture with them and all of the information they need to know about the organization to be able to effectively perform the task they are there to complete.
  4. Direct communication with their managers and staffing company. Hiring companies will generally leave all communications about the temp’s performance to the staffing service. However, this creates a sense of division. While both you and the new employee are responsible to communicate with the service, it is also a good idea to establish a direct line of communication. You can correct problems before they threaten the assignment or project and you can also provide positive feedback on site.

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