6 Jobs Growing in 2014 Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the many growing industries today. Changes in regulations and the Affordable Care Act are some of the reasons jobs are available. Are you in the market for a new healthcare job in 2014? You may be a recent graduate, someone looking to change careers, or a skilled professional but the one constant is the need to challenge yourself with a new career path. Here are six of the fastest growing jobs in healthcare this year.


  1. Diagnostic medical sonographers. The current estimate for median hourly earnings nationwide is at over $31. There has been a 10% growth in the last three years. Sonographers are valuable in a number of different settings from OB/GYN to hospital diagnostics.
  2. Physical therapist assistants. At $25 an hour nationally, this entry level role has long term potential. Individuals trained as assistants often go to pursue their own physical therapy degrees and certifications. This can kick start your career change in the medical field.
  3. Marriage and family therapists. If your idea of a career in healthcare does not involve patient care in the conventional sense, experts are also seeing a rise in marriage and family therapist positions. Therapists can earn $22 an hour and the field has grown 8% since 2010.
  4. Health educators. Another non-clinical need in the healthcare industry is health educators. Someone who can pass on health knowledge in a number of ways is highly sought after by many types of facilities. The median hourly salary is $23 and the industry has grown 7% over the last several years.
  5. Occupational therapists. Different from physical therapy, occupational therapists assist their patients with regaining necessary skills after an illness or an injury. The median hourly earnings are $36. Occupational therapy has seen a 6% increase since 2010.
  6. Respiratory therapists. With a rise in respiratory related diagnoses in the United States such as asthma or COPD, respiratory therapists are also in high demand. Earning $26 an hour, respiratory therapy jobs have increased 6% over the last three years.


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