Elements Needed When Accepting a Legal Job Offer

Your job search has finally come to an end. Your perfect new employer is about to make you an offer. Your legal career is about take off to the next level. How can you be sure that you get what you want or need as part of these negotiations? Here are a few tips and tricks for the elements you need to discuss when your new employer is putting together your legal job offer.

  1. Know your priorities. You won’t be able to get everything you might ask for so know what is most important. Establish your priorities before you come to the negotiation table. Is salary most important? What about benefits? What about personal time? You may be able to make compromises to get a good package that both you and the company can be happy with.
  2. Research salaries. Know what your role pays on average across the US and right in your own back yard. There are many online tools available where you can learn about money. Salary.com shares median salary information for every area of the country for free on their website. You can also compare information like bonuses and benefits.
  3. Communicate your expectations clearly. A big mistake that many job seekers make is not being clear about what they want. If you already have benefits from a spouse, tell your new employer that you would be willing to accept additional personal time in lieu of a benefits package. This may still be cheaper for them and they may agree. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know.
  4. Work with a recruiter to negotiate. If you have been working with a recruiter to help find your new opportunity use their expertise to negotiate the best job offer. Talk to your recruiter about what you’re looking for, what is most important to you, and the bottom line you’re willing to accept. They can work out the negotiations and get a good and fair deal for you.
  5. Be positive throughout the process. Most importantly, your attitude during the negotiations will play a large part in the company’s formulation of an impression. If you’ve been easy going so far in the interviewing process but get territorial or negative during the salary discussions they may rethink their plan to hire you. Stay positive and helpful.
  6. Get it in writing. Finally, after all the verbal negotiations have ended and you are both happy with the outcome, make sure to get the offer in writing. This is extremely important for your records long term.

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