4 Steps to Directly Reach a Hiring Manager During a Job Search

In the world of job hunting there is a specific vortex that lies between the applicant and the hiring manager. This is often referred to as the Black Hole. It is the place where your initial cover letter and resume disappears once you send it off in an email. The key to a successful job search is to land interviews, but when your resume gets sucked into negative space, how do you ensure this can happen? Here are four specific steps you can use to connect the hiring managers directly.

  1. Find the manager’s name. Even if you have reached out to Human Resources, they are not likely the individual making the final decision. You need to aim directly for the hiring manager. LinkedIn is the perfect tool for making this happen. Gathering as much information as you can about the opportunity determine the manager of the department and source their name and mailing address.
  2. Write a letter addressing their pain. Next, you need to craft a cover letter unlike any cover letter you’ve written before. You want to state, in no uncertain terms, that you are the answer to some pain that they are experiencing as a result of not filling this open position. Write the letter in real human communications style, not peppered with a lot of technical jargon or keywords. Encourage them to reach out to you directly.
  3. Hand address and snail mail. Now, the big trick to getting this letter to the desk of the hiring manager is mail rather than email. Human resources professionals and hiring managers sometimes receive thousands of emails in response to a job posting on line. Stand out from that crowd and mail your resume. Staple your documents with the letter on top so they don’t get separated. Mail them in a large envelope so they are not folded. Hand-address the envelope to give it a personal touch.
  4. Follow up. Lastly, the step that most job seekers miss in any correspondence is to follow up with the manager. Wait a few days after they would have received the documents and go ahead and email or call. Make sure they got your letter, offer to answer any questions they have, and be available when they want to talk with you. Be sure not to cross the line between persistent and pushy.

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