How To Find The Right Workplace For You

Finding the right workplace may be the most important part of your job search. While you can certainly take any job that can pay the bills, if you are unhappy at that company you won’t be able to progress your career or produce your best work. There is an art to knowing what kind of environment you like to work in so take some time to evaluate your values and priorities before accepting an offer. It is a big decision and not one you want to take lightly.

  1. Does the company culture match your ambition? If you are content to do the same job for a long time, small businesses with little growth opportunity may be the right environment for you. On the other hand, if you want a career path that can grow with your ambition, other companies may be better suited.
  2. What is the company’s vision? It is good to work with an organization that understands the bigger picture and knows their place in it. You also want to know how your new role fits into their long term strategy for business and that your experience and duties will grow with the company. If you’re looking to be challenged, a company with a vision that fits in with your expertise will be a good fit long term.
  3. Is the company culture right for you? There is more to your job than the day to day duties. You will spend more hours at the job that you will at home so it is important that it fit in with your personality. The right atmosphere in the job environment will encourage productivity and innovation. Look at the way this job can integrate with your life to create a good work/life balance.
  4. Do you prefer big or small? Many companies can be broken down into two distinct categories: big or small. A larger more corporate environment may be a more suitable for some personality traits while a small family owned and operated organization may fit better for other people. It is important that you know which side of the spectrum you prefer. Do you like to have processes and procedures spelled out? Do you like having more autonomy? Think about the management styles you prefer.

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