You Are Losing Great Accounting Candidates: Why They Need Timely Feedback

Once your company has reviewed resumes, conducted interviews, and are about to make an offer the worst news you can hear is the candidate is no longer available. Why does this happen? It is essential for your organization to understand the reasons potential employees are going elsewhere and not accepting the accepting a job with your organization. Here are a few of the primary reasons you may be losing out on great candidates.

  • No feedback provided. Whether you’re handling the hiring on your own or working through a staffing company, one main issue with candidate fall-off is a lack of appropriate feedback. While you don’t want to rush your decision, you should also not wait until you’ve exhausted all avenues to let a candidate know where they stand. Job seekers are continuing their search as well so if they do not hear from you they may accept another job offer. Once you lose them to another company it may be impossible to entice them back without an offer.
  • Poor sales pitch. Many managers consider an interview as a way for candidates to sell themselves to the job. Too few recognize it as a place to sell the company to the candidate. What are you offering an employee to encourage them to take your job? If your business is not competitive with salary, benefits, or respect for work/life balance your candidates may look elsewhere. Review what you have to offer and make any improvements that could enhance the employee experience. Look at your overall compensation, flexible schedule options, and additional benefits that you can offer.
  • Use third-party help. Staffing agencies have access to pre-qualified candidates who may be a perfect fit for your organization. By working with a recruiter you can concentrate on the business you’re in while they concentrate on hiring. They can source, interview, and submit only qualified candidates for your review. Follow up with the recruiter is also important in this process. They can also offer a temp to hire agreement so you can see how an employee performs without making a commitment right away.

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