5 Mobile Apps to Speed Up Your Job Search

Job seekers should use every tool they can find to their advantage. In today’s hyper-connected digital world there are some great mobile apps that can help you speed up your job search. Look at what is available and what might be most advantageous for you. Here are just 5 mobile apps that can help you while you’re looking for a job.

  1. Pocket Resume. Available for both iOS and Android this app allows users to create professionally formatted resume right on their smart phones. This is a great tool for someone without regular access to a computer or who does most of their job searching online. Users can send their pocket resume directly to companies through their smart phone or tablet.
  2. LunchMeet. This app connects users on LinkedIn to get out and do some face to face networking. You simply pick a time slot and LunchMeet will coordinate a meeting between you and someone in your area and industry. You can meet for coffee, lunch or drinks depending on your schedule. It is currently only available for iPhone and iPad but an Android version is coming soon.
  3. Real-Time Jobs. This app, which aggregates job postings on Twitter, can provide job seekers immediate access to jobs as soon as they’re posted. Recruiters are using Twitter to reach larger audiences for their open job and this app gives them an opportunity to find those posts right away. Users can send resumes right from the app to potential employers.
  4. Interview Prep Questions. Once you’ve been contacted by a recruiter or a hiring manager, you need to ace the interview. The more prepared you are the better you will come across in the meeting. This app, available through iTunes, gives you access to the most common interview questions and an opportunity to prepare before your interview.
  5. Hidden jobs. This app is available on all platforms and gives job seekers access to the thousands of jobs that are not traditionally advertised. Hidden Jobs keeps track of companies and industries and provides details on how they are growing. This gives the job seeker an advantage to apply to a job before it is even available to the public.

What are your favorite job search apps for your smart phones? Contact NRI Staffing to learn about jobs in DC and more tips to help your search.

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