7 Trends Advancing the Legal Industry

There have been quite a few changes in the legal industry over the last several years. These have been influenced by changes in law, rulings from higher courts, and even technology. If you’re on the market for a new job in the legal field or you are thinking about changing your career here are a 7 trends you should pay close attention to.

  1. E-Discovery. Over the last 25 years more companies have been utilizing online data and email to communicate information within their companies and beyond. This information can be critical to pending lawsuits. Individuals with specific skills in E-Discovery and the ability to create or manipulate software that can mine company data for the right keywords related to a case are highly sought after by some of the biggest corporations.
  2. Multigenerational workplace. Another trend to pay attention to in the legal industry is the multi-generational workforce. Millennials are entering the professional workplace faster than their Baby Boomer counterparts are leaving. This is creating an interesting dynamic in law firms and other industries. Individuals who understand the specific challenges of a 4 generation workplace will be in demand.
  3. Social networking. As access to social media expands, legal experts are in a unique position to use these tools to brand and market their services to new audiences. Social networking is changing everything from job hunting to locating or discrediting witnesses. Of course, social networking comes with its own set of legal challenges so someone with these skills can take a law firm to the next level.
  4. Outsourcing of legal processes. There was a time when every little detail of legal work was handled within a law firm. Today, this dynamic is changing. External venders trained in completing some of the day to day tasks are right here in the United States and overseas where cheaper labor markets exist. This may mean that some legal professionals need to retrain themselves in jobs that are not likely to be outsourced.
  5. Globalization. The expansion of business on the global market means that quite a few laws and regulations are now more complex than they had been the past. Many legal entities are looking for experts in international law to be able to work with these complicated issues and resolve them in a way that is compliant across borders.
  6. Eco-consciousness. Green initiatives are impacting a variety of corporations including legal firms. An entire discipline, called Green Law, is being developed as we speak. As individuals and businesses are becoming more conscious of the ways our environmental relationships impact ourselves and our communities they are looking for experts to navigate the new information.
  7. Virtual law firms. Because of the influx of online apps, smart devices, and cloud computing many lawyers and other legal professionals are working remotely. This is becoming the trend of the virtual law firm. It is very possible that some legal jobs will not need to go into an office to perform the same work they have done in the past. Knowing how to work with this technology can be helpful for long term employment.

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