Busting Legal Career Myths

Before you engage in a legal career there are a few things you might need to know about the field. There are a few myths that have become part of the image of the profession of law that may need to be taken into account. Do you know why you want to be a lawyer or work within the legal field? Here are some of the biggest myths that may influence your choices moving forward.

  • As seen on TV. The lawyers you see on television aren’t much like the real thing. It is important to understand that legal jobs aren’t as glamorous as we see on TV. The hours are long and networking is a constant need, but don’t think it is always cocktail parties and social events.
  • Rolling in the dough. Many people think that law school might be an easy way to make a lot of money. Yes, some legal careers are lucrative, but not typically right off the bat. On top of that you’ll likely have a number of student loans to pay off especially at the beginning.
  • Courtroom dramas. Just like TV lawyers, you may dream of seeing yourself in front of a courtroom addressing a jury, but that isn’t very likely. Most of the career is spent outside of the courtroom meeting with clients or the police. For any sort of courtroom experience, you may want to consider criminal law.
  • Only the elite. The legal field has long been considered elite by people both inside and outside the circle. However, over the last few decades law has become much more diverse. It used to be only accessible by certain classes of people with certain backgrounds, but there have been advancements made toward bringing legal careers to more people.
  • No ownership. It is also believed that most lawyers won’t be able to own their own firm. This is untrue. It may take longer to become a partner at a firm, but owning your own may not be as difficult as it seems. Depending on the type of law you choose to specialize in there may be opportunities for you to be your own boss.

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