5 Questions Employers Must Ask About Their Healthcare Plan

With all the changes that have come about due to the Affordable Care Act it is important for organizations to review their needs. They should discuss compliance with their current healthcare plan and, if necessary, make major changes to ensure they are providing the proper coverage and won’t be hit with penalties. There are even more steps employers need to take when considering a temporary workforce. Here are a few five things you should take into account when it comes to offering the right plan for your team.

  1. Who on your team is temporary? You may not realize exactly what percentage of your current team is considered temporary. Temporary employees include anyone not eligible for benefits such as interns, seasonal hires, interim replacements, and temporary workers who supplement your workforce or assist in the completion of a specific project.
  2. How many hours do they work each month? Once you know who is temporary determine how many hours they have worked over the last 12 months. Note any employees who averaged 30 hours for at least 6 months at the beginning or end of the 12 month cycle. Also note any temp employees who worked over 130 hours during any month that year. These durations may affect the official classification so these employees are now considered full time under the ACA. You may need to make some staffing adjustments.
  3. What classification do they fit within? Now you should put all of your staff into one of the four classifications described by the ACA. These include full time, seasonal, variable hour employees, and part time. You can review these classifications with the ACA to determine how they will affect your company in regards to coverage or financial penalties.
  4. Have you communicated these classifications with your staff? It is essential that these changes in classification be communicated effectively with your staff. Change your handbook, policies, and health-plan documents so everyone in the company knows where they stand in regards to benefits and insurance. You will also need to change insurance contracts to communicate these changes.
  5. Are you being consistent with new hires? Any time you hire a new employee spend time determining which of these categories apply to their employment type and manage them in this manner from day one. This will prevent any challenge to their status as an employee or whether or not they are covered.

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