How Recruiters Assist Your Healthcare Job Search

Are you searching for your next job in the healthcare arena? One of the best allies you can have in your search is a good, specialized recruiter. A healthcare recruiter has established a network as part of their career and can help connect you to the right job at the right time. Here are some of the ways a healthcare recruiter can help you in your job search.

  • Can help get your foot in the door. Recruiters have access to networks that you may not have as an independent job seeker. Their clients will often contact them first with a job opening before placing an ad or asking outside of their organization. A good relationship with a recruiter can be the right first step for a career in healthcare.
  • Can sell your skills to their clients. A recruiter can also act as your sales person. You might be an amazing nurse but your sales skills haven’t exactly been cultivated. This is the recruiter’s job. Rather than submitting your resume blindly to a hiring manager, they will contact them directly and explain why they believe you are the right fit for the job.
  • Can provide advice on your resume. Recruiters also have years of experience reviewing and submitting resumes. They can help you determine if there is anything specific on yours that could be changed to better impress a potential employer. They can provide advice about how to format it, what to leave off, and how to write a cover letter.
  • What a recruiter can’t do. However, it is equally as important when working with a recruiter to understand what they can’t do. A recruiter can guarantee a position. The ultimate decision is still up to the hiring manager. A recruiter can’t create a job opening; they are at the mercy of the needs of their clients. Working with a staffing company can help increase your chances of getting the right healthcare job for you but it isn’t a magic bullet. You still need to be in complete control of your job search.

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