Healthcare Hiring Trends For Fall 2014

Fall is in the air. The leaves are just beginning their slow symphony of color one orange at a time. The evening air is crisp and weekends are now filled with the sounds of football. As a healthcare professional it may be a good time to start looking for your next opportunity. What are some of the healthcare trends for fall of 2014? Here is a closer look.

  • Primary care providers. With the advent of the Affordable Care Act there will be more emphasis placed on primary care providers. People who were previously uninsured and may have used urgent care or emergency room services for routine events now have the opportunity to establish a relationship with a PCP. This will lead to hiring more doctors in these roles as well as their support staff.
  • Locum tenens and temporary staffing. To fill in necessary gaps for healthcare practices and hospital facilities some organizations may turn to locum tenens or temporary physician staffing. Locum tenens assignments are typically short term in nature but can expand to a long term opportunity.
  • Bigger recruitment programs. Because of the increased need for staff at all levels of healthcare organizations will be utilizing broader recruitment programs. These may include temporary placement, job fairs, professional training recruitment, and even utilizing travel nurses for longer term positions.
  • Retiring baby boomers causing a need. Retiring baby boomers are causing a need on both sides of the issue. Older doctors and support staff are retiring which will lead to a need for new employees in practices and hospitals. However, these new retirees will need healthcare providers as they begin to age. With all of the advancements in healthcare over recent years people are living longer and needing care later in life.

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