How To Sell Your Organization To Accounting Job Candidates In An Interview

There is a misconception that accounting candidates are introverted and shy. Gone are the days where accountants were sequestered to the back office unwilling to interact with their coworkers. This is why selling your organization as a positive place to work is extremely important during a job interview. Providing the right information will attract the right candidate. Here are some things you can do in your next accounting interview to sell your company the right way.

  • Share the positives about your staff. Everyone, whether they work in accounting or not, wants to get along with their co-workers. There was a time when accountants were considered back office bean-counters but today they are more integrated with business practices so it is important that they enjoy their work environment including the people they work with.
  • Answer all questions about your company. Never leave anything out for fear of giving the wrong impression. An accountant will have access to your financial information so they will find out quickly enough. When they ask questions about your company, your finances, and your environment tell them the honest answers.
  • Avoid negative comments. For candidate interviews one of the biggest red-flags comes when someone begins to use negative language about their former employer. The same is true for the interviewer. Candidates don’t want to hear about the negative things about your company or former employees, they want to work for you because you are a good company.
  • Talk about the positive benefits of working for you. Make sure you use your benefits package, bonuses, and employee perks to sell your company to a potential candidate. Rather than making the position all about your company, let the candidate know what you can do for them.

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