The Benefits Of Using LinkedIn To Enhance Your Career

LinkedIn isn’t just a passing internet fad that is going to disappear. It is currently the most used professional social networking site on the web. If you’re not on LinkedIn you could be missing out on important professional development opportunities. What is so great about LinkedIn anyway? Here are just a few of the benefits you can get from creating and maintaining a profile.

  • Consistently updated resume information. So many professionals make the mistake of not updating their resume until they absolutely need to. This means that some important information may be forgotten or left off. A resume is a living document and LinkedIn makes it easy to continuously update information. Add accomplishments and important activities as they happen.
  • Access to professionals in your industry. Networking is an important part of anyone’s career development. While face to face can be preferred online networking is becoming very common. You can connect directly with others in your industry or join groups where you can ask and answer questions.
  • A network for answering your questions. Groups are not the only source for answers on the site. Within LinkedIn is a feature called Answers where professionals ask important questions and their peers can answer them. Participate by asking and answering questions as this will be another way to boost your connections.
  • Daily news resources. LinkedIn is also a fantastic resource for daily industry news. When you first log into the site you will find yourself on a main page called The Pulse. You can use your settings to establish the kinds of news you want to see featured including industry new or job seeking information. You will also see postings by your connections.

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