5 Useful Apps For Accountants

Technology has changed the very shape of the accounting industry. Now finance professionals have online and digital tools available at their fingertips. These tools can help someone searching for a new job stay on top of current trends. It can also help them stay ahead of the competition in their careers. Here are the top 5 applications that we recommend for accounting professionals.

  1. Dropbox: This tool is becoming nearly essential for all businesses. It provides a secure way to share files between remote users. You can use this to keep information safe, especially when it comes to sensitive financial data. The program is easy to use, available for all mobile platforms as well as the desk top computer.
  2. Mozy: This application provides easy to use data protection that helps you manages your information in the cloud safely and effectively. Cloud computing is still a concern for many organizations but Mozy will remove some of the common security issues moving forward.
  3. Freshbooks: This free, online invoicing tool could easily take the place of options that cost businesses significant money such as Quickbooks or database oriented software packages. Freshbooks provides accounting tools that even non-accountants can use but businesses are taking this to the next level and using it for their company’s numbers as well.
  4. Xero: Another alternative to Quickbooks and more expensive options is Xero. The modern accountant can help their career by knowing multiple modern platforms for financial management. When you apply or interview for these types of positions, multiple services look good in your experience.
  5. Kashflow: This service is similar to Freshbooks and Xero but it adds a payroll component that will be attractive to some small businesses. It can take the place of all back office software and is easy to use and accessible.

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