How To Reduce Turnover In Your Healthcare Team

The healthcare industry can be highly volatile. The stress that comes with medical jobs can be overwhelming for some people. Turnover and career burnout is very common. How can you combat this in your own staff? Here are a few ways to reduce turnover in your own healthcare team.

  1. Use behavioral interviewing techniques. Before you even make a hiring decision make sure you’re hiring the right people. You want to hire someone who fits in with your existing team, can handle the work load, and isn’t easily stressed by normal occurrences on the job. The best way to ask about this in an interview is to use behavioral interviewing techniques. Questions include, “tell me about a time when you were stressed on the job, how you handled it,” or “When you disagree with a coworker or a manager how do you approach the situation?”
  2. Does the candidate share similar core values? You also want to make sure that new employees share the same overall core values as your organization. If they fundamentally disagree with primary corporate policies it could be difficult to manage them or keep them engaged on the job. Hire people who are believe in your overall mission statement.
  3. Consistent professional development and training. Once an employee is working for you it is up to you to continuously engage them in their job. An employee who feels stagnant and stifled will quickly become dissatisfied. Offer regular opportunities for professional development and continued education. If you can, offer compensation for additional certifications as a benefit of continued employment.
  4. Resources to manage stress in the workplace. Medical environments can be stressful and there isn’t often much you can do about the day to day challenges. However, you can offer tools for your staff and management teams to better manage stress in the workplace. Days off, stress management classes, massage therapy, or even yoga instruction can help people keep stress at bay.
  5. Show your appreciation for their contribution. Finally, the most important thing you can do to prevent turnover and career dissatisfaction is demonstrate your appreciation for your employees regularly. Everyone wants to know that their contribution counts. Send a hand-written thank you note in the mail, offer performances bonuses, or publicly recognize achievements.

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