How To Bring Up Salary When Interviewing For A New Legal Job

Some of the most prevalent negotiating advice when it comes to salary is actually kind of troublesome. Some say that the first person to mention money loses the negotiation, but that is untrue and unhelpful. Learning how to negotiate a salary is exceptionally important, especially within the legal field. So how do you bring up salary during an interview for your next legal job? Here are some tips to keep in mind at your next interview.

Don’t Bring It Up in the First Interview

Even though it isn’t inappropriate to talk about money there is a time and a place for it. The first interview is not that time or place. If the employer brings it up just tell them that you’ll have to do a little more research but you’re sure you can come to an equitable agreement. If you bring it up prematurely, however, it could be a red-flag for the company who may believe that your only motivation is money.

Know Your Value

There are two components to knowing your value. You need to determine what your worth is based on your previous experience but you also need to research what the market will bear. Use online tools such as to find out more about the average and median salaries in the area where the job is located. Use a combination of this information to determine the salary that you will require. Also, don’t forget to work in benefits and perks.

Don’t Play Games

While negotiation is healthy, games are not. Don’t beat around the bush and don’t try to get the company to make deals. These always end poorly. You need to come in to the conversation with all of your ducks in a row and be able to discuss the issue intelligently and without emotion. You are in complete control and can walk away if the company isn’t willing to come to an effective compromise.

Watch Out for Red Flags

Some companies like to play games of their own when it comes to salary negotiations. For instance, a company might ask to see copies of W2s from your last two or three jobs. This is not only poor negotiating; it is also boarding on illegal business practices. Your financial information is private and you are not required to bring anything to the table besides your numbers. If you are asked to do this or anything else that makes you feel uncomfortable it may be time to walk away from the conversation.

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