Ace Your Next Phone Interview With These 3 Tips

Many companies utilize telephone interviews as a way to narrow down a wide field of candidates to a manageable number of face-to-face interviews. But as a candidate, these phone conversations can be more nerve-wracking than the interview itself. So how do you prepare for the phone call and impress the interviewer enough to warrant an invitation to interview? Here are three tips to help you ace your phone interview today.

Treat it like a professional interview

Many employers note the same red flags right away. A candidate doesn’t take the phone interview seriously, and they will not be called back. To avoid this problem, make sure your call can be held in a place free from any outside distractions (children, pets, television, etc.). Never conduct a phone interview in a public place. Make sure the phone connection is reliable. To put yourself in the right mindset, dress for the interview and treat the conversation just like you would a face-to-face interview.

Prepare ahead of the call

Before the call, take time to sit down and review the job description. Research any aspects you have questions about. Create a list of the job duties and match it to the experience on your resume which will give you reference notes for your discussion. Review the company website and LinkedIn Profiles, especially the profile of the person conducting the call. Have some questions of your own that can provide insight into the corporate culture and work style in the office. Asking basic or generic questions won’t show you’re serious about the job. If you’re able to frame specific questions to this opportunity, that will elevate your status in the eyes of the company.

Use clear communications

The biggest difference between a phone and a face-to-face interview is the lack of visual cues. We rely a lot on body language and on a phone call we have to fill in the gaps for ourselves, which sometimes leads to misunderstandings. Be clear and positive as you answer questions. Don’t forget to smile because it will impact how you speak.If you can, use a headset for the call so you don’t have to hold the phone. Sometimes it also helps to stand so that your breathing is more natural and voice is projected better.

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