Is Your Law Firm Protected from Hackers?

Internet and information security is a top subject in today’s technology sector, but the concept affects more than just the technical area. Every business possessing secure client information on file is at risk of being targeted by hackers. Is your law firm protected? If you don’t know the answer to that question it is extremely important that you pursue a solution right away before your office becomes a statistic. Your clients rely on you to ensure their most sensitive information is kept safe. Here are the things you should do starting today.

Hire a dedicated information security officer

Your clients’ personal information is extremely important and valuable, not only to you and them but also to the hackers that are trying to access it. You must put a high level of importance on this information, and the best way to do that consistently is hire a dedicated professional trained in information security. Companies who treat information security like an afterthought are the first to be targeted. Concentrate on what you do best, which is practicing law, and hire someone who can concentrate on keeping your data safe.

Implement and enforce data security policies

Your information security officer should work with your firm to ensure the right data security policies are in place at all times. These policies include running effective disaster recovery tests so everyone understands their role in keeping the secure data safe. Without these policies in place, the effort will be wasted.

Provide continual training for all staff

Everyone in your office, from administrative staff to lawyers, need to be aware of their role in the information security process. Confidentiality must be a top priority and all systems should be maintained and secure. Every new employee needs to be given training on the security protocol.

Use all of the right technology

While technology is sometimes the cause of information security breaches, it is also the tool by which you can keep your firm most safe. Work with your information security officer and a variety of services that can help maintain your clients’ information in the best way possible.

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