4 Methods to Develop Relationships in Accounting

The relationships you make as part of your career can be essential to your future success. These people can be clients or future employers. Accounting is often considered an industry that would rather stay backstage than face the limelight, but times are changing. So how can you break out of your shell and develop the right relationships to help your career? Here are four methods we would recommend that can help you expand your network and continue to grow.

Focus on communications skills.

Accountants have a reputation for being heads-down workers. But this is not entirely accurate, and it is becoming less normal every day. Like any industry, there will be social butterflies and introverts because it’s a cross-section of the population. Leverage what you are. If you like being around people, make that a focus of what you do. It will help you engage potential clients and employers. If you are quieter, learn techniques to make communications easier so you don’t have to miss out on opportunities.

Leverage social media.

There is respite for those who aren’t particular fans of face-to-face networking. The internet has made it more convenient for introverts to make connections. Use LinkedIn to create a professional network for yourself and interact with articles and in groups. Join Facebook groups that are relevant to your interests. Share tweets on Twitter. These can facilitate further interactions and relationship building and help you develop written communications skills. If you have a quiet personality for in-person interaction, you don’t have to be quiet in the electronic setting.

Don’t forget to meet in person.

That being said, there will be times when you need to get out there and meet people face-to-face. The best way to start is with accounting industry events in your town. If you’re afraid that you’ll be a wallflower, volunteer. This will give you a job that will help you engage with people on your own terms. Local organizations are always looking for people to help out so it can give you a chance to show what you can do.

Be grateful for help.

When you do engage with someone who is helpful in your career, don’t forget to say thank you. Send them a hand-written thank you note or compose an email that shares your gratitude. When you’re thankful, you’re happy and you will spread this gratitude to your network.

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