Leave an Impression with Your E-mail Signature

In a job search, it is the little things that matter most. Your communications style, how and when you say “thank you,” and your experience are all individual puzzle pieces that make up your qualities as a candidate. Have you considered that there are other aspects that may be affecting your job search either positively or negatively? At the end of each of your emails, you have the ability to add a signature block, and it’s a great opportunity to portray your brand. Could this be a factor in how others perceive you? It is, so how can you ensure you’re making the right impression. Here are some best practices for your email signature block.

Name and contact info.

The most important information in your email signature is your full name and your contact information. Be sure to use the name you wish to be called on a professional level. For example, if your name is William but everyone calls you Bill, use that. Then include at least an email address and a phone number. You can also include a website address if you have an online portfolio.

Not too cluttered.

We’ve all seen the signatures that have too much information. There may be multiple links, motivational quotes, several logos, social media buttons, and even a bio. This can be too crowded and too much information tacked on the end of an email. It is best to keep your signature field simple to only provide the basics.

Make it professional.

Of course, the other rabbit hole that is easy to fall down is including a lot of personal information. While you may send emails to your friends and family, consider that when it is received by a potential employer they are going to be judging your message by the content, including this signature. Even if you do have a favorite cartoon strip, leave it off your signature. If you want a specific signature for your professional contacts and your personal life, then create multiple signatures and make sure you have to insert one before sending an e-mail. Or you can have the professional signature as the default.

Make it show your personality.

On the other hand, you don’t want it to be too generic either. It is a fine line, but when you have just the right combination of ideas the email signature can give the recipient a good idea of who you are and what you represent. This will give them a chance to reach out to you. A short, favorite quote can be a great addition that shows your personality.

Share your social media profiles

If you can grab small icons for your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages (and you share professional content), those are great additions to include in your signature. Make it easy for potential employers and other contacts to see your social media profiles. If your social media pages aren’t totally professional, then you don’t have to share them but your LinkedIn page should definitely be included.

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